History of First Baptist Church of Woodlawn

On the 17th day of October in the year of our LORD 1927, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Summeriour the Woodlawn Mission met with the purpose of organizing a church. With the help of Rev. M. C. Cade of College Hill First Baptist Church (acting as moderator), they did succeed in the organization of our church.

The Scripture was read from the If Chapter of Matthews and five letters were called for and read. One of the letters came from College Hill First Baptist Church and the other four from

Shillow Baptist Church. These letter holders all lived in Woodlawn. Churches from Glendale, Lockland, College Hill and Cincinnati were invited to the installation service, where they adopted the Holy Bible, the 189 Chapter of Matthew, and the 18 articles of Faith as a guide.


They voted for the name of the church, "First Baptist Church of Woodlawn", the name in which the church still carries today. The doors of the church were opened and there were four to five people who joined by Christian Experience, they were: Mr. John Barber, Mr. Frank Brown, Mr. Lee Poe, Mrs. Anna Bell Leave', and Mrs. Alberta Ector. Five others also joined by Watch Care; Mr. Lawrence Briley, Mrs. Sharon Briley, Miss Virginia Briley, Mrs. Mary William, and Mr. Ben Phillips.

The members then called Rev. L. Anderson as the first pastor of "First Baptist Church of Woodlawn. The church was then instructed to represent with the Western and Union Association. On November 8, 1927 a group of Ministers met in the Council for recognition of the First Baptist Church of Woodlawn. The minutes of the organization were read and  approved. The covenant which is composed of the Baptist Faith was read and approved.


The "Council" then mentioned the recognition of the organization as an orderly/regular Baptist Church. Our church has held the longest membership of the Hamilton County Church Aid Convention.

Over the years we have had several Ministers stand in this pulpit as pastors of "First Baptist Church of Woodlawn" and they were outstanding patrons in our church. Rev. W.

Williams, Rev. M.J. Mangham and Rev. Jody Whitehead each stayed with us 10 years and all did wonderful works for the betterment of the church.

Our beloved pastor of58 years, Rev. Dr. Earnest L. Benson, Jr. went to his Heavenly Home on September 1, 2016.

 Rev. Bennie Strayhorn stepped in as Interim Pastor and lead this congregation for over 3 years, skillfully preaching and teaching this flock.


On December 18th, 2016 a Pulpit Search Committee of (five) was elected by a majority vote:

Rev. Rodney Hillman, Sisters Mary Yarbrough, Denise Givens, LaKesha Denson, Shasme'Taylor.

As a result, On June 10th, 2018, Rev. Henry L. Anderson, Jr. was elected by a majority vote as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodlawn and installed on the First day of July 2018.

To GOD be the Glory!