First Baptist Church of Woodlawn

Trusting God at All Times - Psalms 28:7

Let's get our Praise On!
We are back in our church building every Sunday 
10:00 am - Sunday School 
11:00 am - Worship Service
7:00 pm - Prayer Service (on the phone line) Every Wednesday
12 noon - Bible Study (on the phone line) Every Saturday
Pastor Henry L. Anderson, Jr. and First Baptist Church of Woodlawn welcome you to come and hear the Preached Word! 
Please wear your mask if you have not been vaccinated. Gloves are optional. Remember your Bible. There won't be any set on pews during our "Social Distancing"
We will keep our call-in line open for those whom are unable to attend in person. Our service can also be viewed on our 
          To join our conference call phone meetings just dial this number to be connected:
(617) 829-6458. 
Listen in and be a part of our Church Service! 
We plan to resume in-person Bible Study this Fall. Use the same Call-In information above for all.
We welcome you with open doors and phone-lines and hope to soon be able to welcome you with open arms. 
Food Pantry: On the second Saturday of each month, our Food Pantry is sharing groceries in the safest way possible, to those in need. We will be handing out bags from the Fellowship Hall door of the church from 10:00 am until 11:30 am at 21 E. Leslie Ave., Cincinnati (Woodlawn) Ohio 45215.
If you or someone you know could use a little help please let them know about this event. 
Thank you and God Bless You!
Pastor Henry L. Anderson, Jr